Marketing Services

The IT Exchange Group can help increase your brand awareness, launch a new product, and target the right audience. We've got long-standing industry relationships, so we know where to get the services you need. If you have a short notice project — perhaps a sudden need for collateral for a show — we'll move heaven and earth (and a printer or two) to get the job to you.

Tactical marketing execution services include: creative & graphics, industry surveys, customer feedback, branding, print/web brochures, direct mail campaigns, email campaigns, lead generation, media ads, newsletters, press releases, and promotional/collateral development.

Marketing services include:

Marketing Audit & Program Development
We provide a thorough assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your current marketing strategy. We help you understand how your marketing decision process compares to best practices; how your marketing strategy is currently performing; and where your brand stands versus competitors. Upon completion of the audit, we will develop a comprehensive program that will increase brand awareness, lead generation, sales & profits and market share.
Marketing Execution
We have the capabilities to execute a comprehensive marketing plan from start to finish. Our full range integrated marketing campaign services include surveys, messaging, branding, database management, web site development, meeting planning, lead generation, integrated marketing communications campaigns, and press relations.
Market Research Surveys

Gathering market, industry and customer intelligence is vital for staying abreast of the latest trends and identifying new opportunities for future growth. Increasingly, companies are turning to online surveys to capture this intelligence. Benefits gained through online market research surveys include:

  • assessing the effectiveness of current marketing initiatives
  • identifying new market opportunities
  • gaining competitive insight

Specifically, surveys give an organization the feedback to help define, create and shape specific strategies.

We offer a number of survey formats including:

General Market Research
To gather vital information about current market trends, customers, competitors, and potential areas of growth, enterprises around the world implement market research strategies throughout their operations. Following the increasing online global marketplace, companies are utilizing Internet-based survey and reporting tools to increase their reach and decrease the time and cost of conducting Market Research Surveys.
Brand Survey
Used to quantify a brands image, loyalty and overall equity are processes that are often dedicated to a large portion of time and concern throughout the global marketplace. Across cultures, the customer perception of a brand often indicates its success. Therefore conducting a brand survey and testing and measuring a brand for many is vital to a companies success.
Corporate Image
A company's corporate image can be defined as how an organization is currently perceived but not necessarily how it wants to be perceived. In order to assess corporate image companies can employ survey tools to measure and analyze their image according to their customers, employees and the general market. Though the most visible aspects of a corporate image are the company name and logo, the image is actually a sum of tangible and intangibles that a customer or employee may have seen, read, heard or thought about an enterprise.
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction surveys are often regarded as the most accurate barometers to predict the success of a company. Customer Satisfaction surveys can deliver powerful incisive information and provide ways to gain a competitive edge. These surveys help ensure that a business is meeting and hopefully exceeding customer expectations, and gives insight on where changes should be made to increase satisfaction and overall success.

Choosing the right survey format begins with an internal assessment of business needs. Next, IT Exchange will take you through a structured approach to building the questionnaire and identifying the target audience to insure that the survey is aligned with specific needs. IT Exchange will then conduct the survey, providing the client with periodic updates of early findings. At the close of the survey period, IT Exchange will provide the client a report of survey results and actionable recommendations. Raw data will also be provided at the conclusion of the survey.

Integrated Marketing Communications Campaigns
We design and create campaigns to include a mix of print and web brochures, print and web media ads, web sites, newsletters, press releases, email broadcasts, promotional and collateral items.