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Sustainable Marketing

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

Sustainability is a concept that is back in fashion after decades of unsustainable excess. It is not a concept just for agriculture and energy, but for marketing strategy as well. Sustainable marketing is mindful marketing. It’s careful planning, watchful waiting, and strategic implementation. All companies, both big and small, have limited resources to put into marketing, so it’s important to focus on what is cost effective. It can be an act of courage to slow down, reflect on what is happening around you, and then evaluate what the next step should be. It’s bringing closure to the present before rushing into the future. There are a few ways to start the process.

A competitive analysis plots a market along matrices. The axes can vary, generally from low to high, reflecting attributes such as quality versus price for a perceived value analysis or compound growth rate versus number of product offerings. This benchmarking task plots the strengths and weaknesses of market, and highlights where companies are clumping together and where there are opportunities. Benchmarking involves determining which functions to benchmark; identifying key performance variables; and measuring performance. (more…)