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Nurturing Leads through the Sales Cycle

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Lead nurturing is the marketing concept that buyers span different stages of the buying cycle and you need to respond to them by where they are in this process. Buyers are taking the buying process into their own hands without contacting you. So, you need to create a dialogue with this buyer on his/her own terms by offering serious content for them to study on their own. This means you have to have some idea of who your leads are. We suggest you start with your most recent buyers. Then look at those potential customers who are most similar to your recent buyers. Who has recently inquired about your product, visited your web pages, or is already in your database but has not yet purchased?

A technique long used by B2C marketers can be effective for B2B marketers as well. It’s creating a persona describing your typical buyer. Make a list. What’s his or her job title, industry, age, education, situation, problems, and goals? Create several of these personas to wrap your brain around who your potential customer is. This will help you focus your campaign on the needs of this customer. In other words, don’t try to fit this person into your sales process, but align your processes to fit who this customer is, what the needs are and the customer’s buying process. (more…)