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I’ve been thinking a lot about Spain recently, having just attended a meeting showcasing this beautiful country as an event destination. Did you know that even though its currency is the Euro, the cost of living is lower than that of France and Italy? That means you can rent lovely hotel rooms and meeting spaces and eat great meals for significantly less than you could in some of Spain’s European neighbors. It also has a diverse geography, culture and climate.

Centrally located Madrid offers many excellent choices for meetings of all sizes. As the capital and largest city in Spain, it’s considered the major financial center of the Iberian Peninsula; it hosts the head offices of the vast majority of major Spanish companies, as well as the headquarters of three of the world’s 100 largest companies. In addition, it’s the easiest city to get to.

In the north, you’ll find Barcelona, rightly famous for its architect Gaudi, and Bilbao, famous for its Guggenheim Museum designed by Frank Gehry. In the south is the Costa del Sol where you can take a half-hour ferry ride for a day trip to Morocco. Last but not least are the Canary Islands, off the coast of Africa. Each of these destinations has unique venues suitable for business meetings and are relatively easy to access.

What are your thoughts on Spain as a location to hold events? What are your experiences with events hosted there? Please leave a comment if you have something to say. Thanks!

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